WORX WG118 15-Inch Wheeled Electric Grass Trimmer/Edger, 6.0 Amp $65

WORX WG118 15-Inch Wheeled Electric Grass Trimmer/Edger, 6.0 Amp


WORX WG 118 15-Inch Wheeled Electric Grass Trimmer/Edger, 6.0 Amp

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Lowest Price: $65.59
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Product Overview:

  • Corded electric trimmer with tool-less conversion to edger
  • 2-in-1 design with edging wheels
  • Telescoping shaft and pivot head with foldable spacer guard
  • 15-inch cutting diameter
  • 6-amp motor
  • Dual-line spool of WORX trimmer line; limited 2-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying:

The WORX WG 118 rates 3.9 out of 5 stars, with demerits coming from the bulkiness of the product, making it cumbersome to work with at first. There are also times when the automatic feeding spool mechanism needs to be pulled out manually.

The good: The WORX WG 118 features a powerful motor that can make quick work of whatever weeds and grass you have in your yard. The edging function is quick and easy to use as well. The autofeed is mostly efficient, and works well. Adjustable shaft is great for people of different heights. Low noise and emission.

Cons: Customers have reported that the line included with the unit keeps breaking, so you may need to replace it quickly, or spare yourself the headache and replace it immediately.

Overall we’d say this is an ideal unit for light to moderate yard work with both trimming and edging work required, but you will need to keep an eye on the line.

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Some More Features:

Designed for performance and comfortable use, the 15-Inch WORX 2-in-1 grass trimmer/edger is the perfect blend of comfort, control, and versatility. It utilizes a telescoping shaft and pivoting head to remove the backbreaking labor from trimming. A balanced design promotes natural body posture. This means maximum comfort and minimum fatigue, even during prolonged operation. The 2-in-1 design incorporates converting the grass trimmer to an in-line edger in seconds with no tools. Simply flip the head, rotate the handle, and the WORX becomes a fully functioning edger.
The built-in support wheel helps you cut clean edges around sidewalks, driveways, and patios for a crisp, professional look. The WORX WG118 electric 2-in-1 trimmer/edger features a unique pivoting head that tilts to fit in tight spaces or sloped landscapes. The ratchet mechanism lets you tilt the cutter head from 0-90-Degrees without tools or special release buttons. And a foldable spacer guard prevents the cutting edge from damaging trees, furniture, walls or delicate landscaping.
This trimmer/edger also has a unique auto-feed trimmer line system, so you’ll never have to tap your trimmer to feed additional line. The auto-feed ensures you have the perfect amount of line at all times. The trimmer/edger line is made from a patented copolymer nylon resin and synthetic material and designed with an oval aerodynamic shape allowing for the line to stretch and cushion on impact with hard surfaces.

Package Includes:

WG118 15-Inch Wheeled Electric Trimmer/Edger

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