Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp Max Reel Push Mower $199

Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp Max Reel Push Mower


Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp Max Reel Mower

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Lowest Price: $199.00
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Product Overview:

  • Patented InertiaDrive allows for easier pushing of mower up to 60%
  • Powerful reel delivers up to 2 times more cutting power
  • Staysharp system keeps blades sharp without need for annual cutting
  • Unique design allows for cleaner and more efficient cutting
  • Perfect to use for all grass types
  • Wide handle allows for easier grip and movement

What Customers Are Saying:

The Fiskar 18-Inch mower is one of the most rated mowers on, with more than 700 reviews available for the unit. It has gathered a 4.1 average rating, with more than 400 ratings giving it 5 out of 5 stars. It is a powerful unit with a very wide cutting path, excellent for moderate to heavy yard work.

The good: The Fiskars 18-Inch mower is low on noise and smell. It can cut higher than most mowers, and can go as high as 4”. It has an adjustable handle, it is light, and transports easily.
Cons: It does not cut overgrown weeds, and is not efficient on wet grass. It does not collect grass clippings. Has limited maneuverability because of wheel size. Bendy weeds are also a problems, because they tend to bend under the blades. It only cuts when moving forward.

The Fiskar 18-Inch mower is a good choice for owners with lawns or yard with mostly grass, but if your lawn has very high or overgrown weeds, this mower may not perform as efficiently.

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Some More Features:
No need for gasoline, oil, or electricity
Adjustable cutting height to produce the best results for different height grasses
Grass discharge chute removes grasses cleanly away from your feet
Limtied 3-year warranty

Package Includes:

Suggested Accessories:

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