Black & Decker LST136 Cordless Electric Trimmer $144

Black & Decker LST136 Cordless Electric Trimmer


Black & Decker LST136 13-Inch 36-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless High Performance String Trimmer

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Price From: $144

Product Overview:

  • The Black & Decker LST136 uses a 36Volt Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
  • The battery charge lasts a long time
  • Flexibility: switch PowerCommand dial between max power and max runtime – allows you to hack the thicker weeds or run longer by consuming less power
  • Easily switch between trimmer and edger mode
  • The line feed automatically dispenses as needed
  • Comes standard with a Fast Charger – takes about 1 hour to charge up

Worth Noting:

There are only a few bad reviews on the unit compared to many rave reviews but it is worth noting that some consumers rate this for light to medium work. If you have thick grass / weeds to do battle with this MIGHT not be the weed eater for you.

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In-Depth Review

The Black & Decker LST136 is one of the upper end trimmers by B&D. This cordless string trimmer comes packed with the Black & Decker PowerDrive Transmission designed to give more power to the cutting string. It comes wielding the 36Volt Lithium Ion battery system bringing more power and longer runtimes than what you would normally expect with a battery-powered electric trimmer. As an added benefit the battery in this edger is compatible with other lawn and garden tools in the Black & Decker system. As an added bonus, this cutting-edge Lithium technology comes with an Energy Star charger capable of FULLY recharging your battery within an hour. If you run out of juice, drink a cold one and get back to it!

A really cool feature of the Black & Decker LST136 is the PowerCommand dial. The dial allows you to adjust between maximum power and maximum battery life. At full power it kicks out 8500 RPM for you to wage your just war against the weeds and ugly lawn edges, at full battery it kicks down to 6500 RPM. Another feature is the Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) which utilizes the laws of the universe to automatically dispense more cutting string as needed. Unlike edgers of the past you don’t have to smash the head against the ground to force more out. If your experience with those is any like mine then you know how poorly they work. The AFS is pretty reliable though there are very limited reports of having to manually “assist” it at times.

Bottom Line: If you don’t need to whack extra-thick weeds frequently but want longer battery life out of a cordless lawn tool, then this is the guy for you. The┬áBlack & Decker LST136 has made a lot of strides since the inception of battery-powered outdoor equipment and is a great balance between power and battery life.

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