Black and Decker ST1000 String Trimmer $19.97

Black and Decker ST1000 String Trimmer


Black and Decker ST1000 Bump Feed String Trimmer

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Lowest Price: $19.97

Product Overview:

  • Ideal for small yards or light garden work
  • 1.8 Amp motor runs at 11,000 RPM
  • Bump spool for feeding line

What Customers Are Saying:

This is THE tool for the job for light yard work, or maintaining your garden to look neat and trim. Perfect for quick touch-ups in your garden, if you’re just going to snip off a little bit here and there.

The good: Black and Decker ST1000 is light weight, but it also runs on a 1.8 Amp motor that is capable of churning out 11,000 RPM. Don’t underestimate this quaint little trimmer; it can still handle those weeds and grasses popping up in your garden.

Cons: This model is not good for heavy-duty work, or very large lots, as the power and the motor cannot handle the work load.

Overall, we recommend this unit for smaller gardens and yards, or for light to moderate garden work only.

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Some More Features:

Small and light weight, yet delivers 11,000 RPM through it’s 1.8 Amp motor. Bump & Feed spool allows feeding of line as needed.
It has a small and quiet motor, and it is very easy to start up. Perfect for maintenance work and light trimming of grass.

Package Includes:

Black and Decker ST1000 Electric Trimmer

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